With the 30th anniversary of Air Max, NikeLab highlights visionaries representing architecture, design, style and art to reimagine Nike Air. To conclude NikeLab's Vision-AIRS program, a new generation of designers explore the concept of walking on air. 

Highlighting on the fact that Nike Air Vapormax is the first time the shoe sole acts as a fully standalone outsole, COLLECTIVE eliminates spatial thresholds to represent the creations of the Vision-Airs floating on a vaporized mid-ground, a Vaporscape.

COLLECTIVE creates an exhibition and event space filled with mist, creating an almost vacuum spatial experience, vaporizing all corners and diminishing all possible light and shadow, through the use of ultra cold white light and the use of matte black finishes in absorbing all possible reflection in space; the temperature down was also brought down, in which condensation of water vapor in the mist leads to a clearer visualization of vapors.

Capturing the “The Change of State” idea of liquid turning itself into vapor, and looking into such occurrence inside the human body in the form of breathing, sweating, heart beating and blood flowing, COLLECTIVE collaborates with multi-media artist h0mh1m. He created a site-specific sound piece, also named as VaporScape, it is an interactive ambience sound installation that contains 4 layers of sound. It detects the humidity/temperature on audience’s skin and translates the vaporization rate into the sound modulation. It emphasis the biomechanics process of human body and embodied the generative soundscape self-containing in a vaporized atmosphere. 

The combination of spatial design and sound manipulation amplified the four-dimensional experience of an exhibition, bringing an exhibition and event space over the generic threshold of being solely a visual encounter, but also an elevation of the senses through temperature, humidity, sound, and light.

Video by hypebeast