“ An Outdoor Passive Kinetic Sculpture produced by an Artist and a team of Architects”

Spanning the 4m x 23m wall of The Park, Lam Tung Pang and COLLECTIVE’s Wavy Weaving Wall takes inspiration on the structure and behaviour of weaved textile, and intends to combine both art and architecture to create a tectonic wall that moves and mimics the movement of textile under the wind of Tsuen Wan, where the Nan Fung Milling Factory No. 6 used to stand.

It is a commissioned artwork created by Visual Artist Lam Tung Pang and Architecture Studio COLLECTIVE.

The landscape of the artwork is inspired by Hong Kong’s textile industrial history - using the methodology of a flattened collage composition, heavily used in both art and architecture as a drawing and representation technique, to recreate an imagined industrial landscape of Hong Kong, weaving together personal stories of individual memories on a piece of fabric in their lives. the Wavy Weaving Wall, welcomes visitors to listen to these recorded personal stories and be part of the continuous shaping of the artwork through regular interactive hands-on workshops.

Together with the movement of the tiles, the installation elevates a two-dimensional wall installation, into a three-dimensional presence - a wavy flow with a weaved view. The Waving Weaving Wall is a platform of storytelling, welcoming its visitors to view and listen to recorded personal memories and to continuously shape the morphing stories of fabric through regular community workshops.

© Lam Tung Pang x COLLECTIVE

A COMMISSION BY : Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textiles (CHAT) , THE MILLS, HONG KONG

LOCATION: The Mills, Hong Kong, China

COMMISSIONER: Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textiles (CHAT), The Mills

AREA: 96 square meter, 24 meters long by 4 meters tall

COLLECTIVE TEAM: Betty Ng, Katja Lam, Kimberley Lau

ARTIST: Lam Tung Pang

ARTIST TEAM: Fun Yuen, Wendy Wo

CONTRACTOR: EDM Construction with Javis Luk



STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Wings & Associates Consulting Engineers