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French artists Claude Lalanne and her late husband Francois-Xavier Lalanne came to be known collectively as Les Lalanne.

The artist pair worked separately, but the art of both combined contemporary ways of working with traditional craftsmanship to conceive an oeuvre that represents an unprecedented unification of fine and decorative art traditions, whether it was sculptures for the home or artistic furnishings. It was radical for its time but was quickly embraced by the tastemakers of high society, and the artists found fans in the likes of Salvador Dali, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino Garavani. 

A selection of Les Lalanne’s sculptures were presented sitting on top of an abstracted rock garden, with a surreal and whimsical presence under the atrium of The Landmark. The garden takes metaphor from gravel pattern, framing the sculptures with geometrical lines.

With special thanks to Ben Brown Fine Arts.


DATE: 20 March to 30 March 2017

LOCATION: Atrium, Landmark Central, Hong Kong

CLIENT: McNamara Art Projects

AREA: 1000 square feet

COLLECTIVE TEAM: Katja Lam, Betty Ng, Juan Minguez


PHOTOGRAPHY: Katja Lam @suetk

AS SEEN ON: Landmark